A Guide to Taking a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Dublin

Considering a horse-drawn carriage ride in Dublin?  Make sure you choose ahorse is fit for the job, a licensed driver and licensed carriage.  Here's a guide to help you make sure you choose wisely.

The Horse

  • Ensure the horse looks healthy, fit and looks comfortable and strong enough to pull you and the carriage.  The horse should not be foaming at the mouth
    while standing, or sweating profusely.
Dehydrated horse in Temple Bar
(Dehydrated horse in Temple Bar 2017)
  • If the horse is wearing a rug, ask to see the horse without the rug.  If you think the horse looks too thin, check this handy guide on body condition to determine if that's healthy or not.

  • Choose any of the horse and carriages at the stand - you are not obliged to choose the first one in the queue.

The Carriage

  • Ensure the carriage is in good condition (no cable ties on wheels etc.).
  • Carriage Licence: Ask the driver to show you the Carriage Licence for the carriage itself - (this will be metal and affixed to the carriage).  If none present, then your carriage has not have passed a mechanical inspection by Dublin City Council.  Think safety.

The Carriage Driver

  • Carriage Driver's Licence: Make sure you choose a licensed driver (their badge will be visible on a lanyard).  Unlicensed drivers have not passed Garda vetting and may not have insurance.

  • Ensure your driver is 16 years of age or older.  It is illegal for a child under the age of 16 to be in control of a horse in the Dublin City area.  Also, the driver will not have a Carriage Licence may not be insured in case of an accident.

Hiring Stands

There are only 2 locations designated for picking up a fare:

  • Bellevue adjacent to Guinness Hop Store (near Guinness Storehouse)
  • St Stephen’s Green North Side between Dawson Street Kildare Street

NB: Temple Bar, Dame St and any other streets are NOT designated hiring stands.

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