Poem: The Rescue Horse

~ 1 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
but my Mommy won’t reply.
She has slept for what now seems an age,
with a sorrow in her eyes.
I’ve nudged and I have tugged,
but she’s lost the will to fight.
Her lifeless shell, lies caved and torn,
as they take her in the night.
A face comes charging at my side,
and with fear, I shy and buck.
It yells,
it kicks,
such torrid whips,
I collapse upon the muck…”

~ 2 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
that’s a tear that leaves my eye.
I’m standing –
tied –
alone and cold,
on this bitter winters night.
I’m fading and I’m wasting deep –
as the wind chimes through my bones,
this land in which we once roamed free,
is a shadow of our home.
I’m scared beneath a starless sky,
as the darkness takes embrace.
I stare beyond –
for sight of Death,
but I see a different face…”

~ 3 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
but the face does not respond.
It reaches out, and strokes my side –
fills a bucket with a pond.
And then the face just disappears.
once again –
I’m on my own.
But when the darkness falls again,
it comes back –
but not alone.
Another face. Another stroke.
And some hay to quell the ache.
They lead me to a moving barn,
at the rise –
we make a break…”

~ 4 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
my old home fades far from sight.
I’m moving –
but I’m standing still –
yet I’ve made it through the night.
I think the faces like my face.
My they won’t leave it alone!
And though deep down I hesitate,
it’s a feeling I’ve not known.
As the hills all dance by quickly,
there’s a tingle rushing through.
My coat flows wild at what awaits,
I just pray a life that’s new…”

~ 5 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
oh that tickles –
please, do stop!
A different face –
all clad in white –
nips ’n heals from tail to top.
The ache is starting to subside,
and the ground, it stops to shake,
The water dances off my back,
how they must have drained a lake!
The nights no longer come with fear,
and the cold is held at bay,
as I close my eyes to wonder,
what awaits the coming days…”

~ 6 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
and your face looks much like mine.
The ones that fed and bathed me,
brought me down to meet my kind.
They’re wide and long –
and many too –
watch us charge across the plain,
I think they also journeyed from –
a time where they felt pain.
And every day –
we meet again –
we run, we toss, we’re free,
This feeling that we’ve never had,
this joy we’ve never seen…”

~ 7 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
all these faces mean no harm –
different coats, and sounds and hopes –
and yet each and one the same.
They stroked and fed –
and brushed my back –
they have nursed me through the land,
and not once has any one of them,
made me shy beneath their hand.
I’m led into a big blue box,
as we start to move away.
But this time, I simply smile and bow –
with no fear of what’s ahead…”

~ 8 ~

“Hello –
my name is Sasha –
and my journey ends today.
The faces found new faces,
with a home for me to stay.
They haven’t stopped embracing,
and I don’t know what I’ve done.
But it’s like a life so precious,
and so precious to belong.
This love I’ve felt –
just once before –
as I let myself a tear.
And I think of my dear Mommy,
and I dream that she was here…”


Written by Shane Ferguson, a volunteer with My Lovely Horse Rescue

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Anna Dolan
Anna Dolan

May 10, 2015

Only read this poem today,its wonderful and so touching, Fair play

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