An Interview With One of the Very First Volunteers with MLHR

This month we have interviewed one of the very first volunteers for My Lovely Horse Rescue. Carlie works full time along with volunteering for the rescue. She is getting married soon to another of our volunteers and they have two beautiful rescue dogs called Millie and George.

My Lovely Horse Rescue: How did you get involved in My Lovely Horse Rescue?

Carlie: I've been involved with My Lovely Horse Rescue from the beginning and met the other volunteers when we used to fundraise and help out each others respective charities on Grafton Street.

I took horse riding lessons when I was in my teens so always had a love and respect for horses and when one of the other volunteers suggested setting up a horse rescue, I jumped at the chance to get involved. We'd all seen and heard the reports of continued abuse and neglect and wanted to do something about it! I've been a massive Father Ted fan for years and with Neil Hannon, who co-wrote the title music for the show agreeing to be the rescues patron, I thought it would be a fitting name for the rescue.

MLHR: What are your activities and what do they involve?

Carlie: All around horse/dogs body! Mainly involved in the fundraising side of the rescue.
I also volunteer directly with our beautiful rescues which I absolutely love.

MLHR: Has there been any difficult times when volunteering for MLHR?

Carlie: When we lose one of our beloved equines. It hits everyone on the team so hard.
Martha in particular will always stay with me - she was a beautiful, sweet girl who tried so hard but sadly didn't make it.

MLHR: What has been the best moment(s) of your work for MLHR?

Carlie: There have been so many! As a team we've really achieved so much in the last 3 years that we're all so proud of especially when we see the success stories of the horses/donkeys/ponkys who had previously been unwanted and unloved and have now been adopted/fostered into the homes of fantastic families and given the second chance they deserve!

Other highlights for me include seeing Betty, who we had to sleep in a stable to watch over at night and was one of the first very bad neglect cases the rescue had seen, walking unassisted and flourishing into a beautiful bossy girl. Or handsome Kevin, who is now unrecognisable from the poor soul who was pulled from a bog in Meath. Or remembering the excitement of opening the My Lovely Charity Shop in Rathfarnham and the success of My Lovely Ranch at last years Electric Picnic.

MLHR: Does anyone in your life support your work and/or helps with inspiration?

Carlie: Shane, my pre husband! He's very lovely and is now a member of the My Lovely Horse family and the official photo taker/video maker.

MLHR: Do you support any other charities?

Carlie: Yes MLHR also works with and helps Dogs Aid and Hollys Horse Rescue Kildare. I've been fortunate to meet so many lovely people since getting involved in rescue and it's so important that rescues collaborate and support one another.I also support Hedgehog Rescue Dublin and i have had the liberty of meeting some of their prickly residents.

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