A letter to Cork City Council from Trudy


A letter to Cork City Council from Trudy

Who is there for the Trudy’s of this world?

The state that Trudy was found in did not happen overnight. There had been months of abuse, the signs of which showed clearly on her body.
Months of being starved and under-fed, months of beatings and cuttings, many old but some fresh and still oozing. Months of being ridden too hard, her legs in bits from it. And then her beautiful eyes, her delicate mouth, burnt. Her two front legs, burnt.

How can someone do this to a defenceless creature and get away with it?
Because they have gotten away with this. Do not be under any illusion that Trudy will find justice in this country.

Trudy came from Cork city which has NO Veterinary Department or designated Veterinary officer.

Trudy came from Cork city whose Horse pound contract was awarded earlier this year to a contractor based not in Cork, not in Munster but in Longford!

So what exactly do Cork council expect the Gardaí to do with a horse when they seize it, take the horse to the station, wait around for hours while someone comes from over 250 km away to assist, take the poor creature home?

In the last six months, horse problems have escalated in Cork city as a direct result of there being no adequate response from the official paid horse contractor, no proper resources available to back up the Gardaí, no understanding from the Council as to the true scale of the problem out there.

What do we need?
- We need the public to report every single time they see a Trudy out there, every single time.
- We need the authorities to respond to every report, every single time.
- We need each city and county council in this country to have a vet department and a veterinary officer. When one retires or passes away we need them replaced. This is not happening in some areas to cut costs. Well the true cost is Trudy.

There are Trudy’s out there right now suffering the same fate, living the same life.
What the hell are we all going to do about it?

Here is Trudy’s story in her own words…

Dear Cork City Council,

My name is Trudy. I am two years old.
For most of my life I have known only suffering.
Days when I didn’t have enough to eat.
Days when I was left outside in the cold, in the rain, in the scorching heat.
I don’t know where my mother is. I can’t really remember her, just a vague sense that she was once with me.
I was taken from her when she got pregnant again and put into a small field with others that I didn’t know. Later, when I was older, I was left mostly on my own tied to a gate in the yard or on a small patch of grass behind the houses.
I got my first pair of shoes when I was 6 months old. They didn’t fit so well and now they’re really tight cos they haven’t been changed much since. My legs are really sore all the time
but no-one notices and I don’t complain cos I don’t know how.
I’m not sure who I belong to, there’s always different people riding me and moving me about.
None of them really look at me or talk to me.
I wish they would cos sometimes I’m really lonely.
The worst is when they come and tie me to their sulkies. I have to run so fast and they beat me all the time even when I’m really trying to go as fast as I can for them.
I have lots of cuts all over me. I don’t remember how I got them all. Some of them are old and have scabbed over, others are very raw and start bleeding from time to time.
I can’t remember too much about my last days. I think I’ve shut out a lot of the pain that I went through. I’d been hungry for so long that I hadn’t even noticed that I was nearly skin and bone.
My legs were all raw, I think someone may have burnt them. I just remember a low cruel voice and laughing and then a shocking pain all down my two front legs.
Now I’m lying down in the cold mud. I don’t think I can get up anymore. My eyes are sore and weeping and I can hardly open them. I’m not sure how long I’ve been like this. I just know I’m really tired.
A little while ago I saw a woman’s face looking down at me and heard a dog barking somewhere nearby. Then she was gone.
Some time later others arrived, men’s voices and then a voice and a face I thought I knew.
I pulled opened my eyes and I saw your kind face kneeling over me and then I felt your oh so gentle touch upon my neck. I tried to get up for you but I could only drag up my neck and reach for your face. I wanted to tell you everything but I think you already knew.
I lay back down knowing that I was safe now, that the pain would go away and that all I’d be left with would be the love I had seen in your eyes.
Now I’m in that better place so there’s no need to cry for me.
I’m no longer hungry. I’m never cold and I’m never sore.
There’s just a warm sunshine on my face all day and a lightness in my heart.

My name is Trudy.
Please don’t forget me, I’ll always remember you.


To report situations like this contact Cork City Council 021 496 6222 on Cork County Council on 021 4276891 or Department of Agriculture on 1850 211 990.

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