A Very Special My Lovely Horse Rescue Thank You!

2018-12-19 15:58
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A Very Special My Lovely Horse Rescue Thank You!

We're feeling quite blessed here at My Lovely Horse Rescue.

On the one hand, the past year has been filled with unprecedented and difficult challenges. We rescued countless foals whose mothers had been torn from them days or weeks after their birth, and who had been left to die in fields all over Dublin.

We removed dozens of horses from perilous and abusive lives in Dublin, Cork and beyond.

Our volunteers spent hundreds of hours, day and night, tending to the animals who came into our care in 2018.  We even drove through thick snow to bring hay and water to the horses left hungry, thirsty and cold in Dublin and beyond.  

This year too we had our hearts broken over and over as some of the animals who we rescued and showered with love and veterinary attention died in our care, often as a result of many years' suffering.

But for all these trials, our hearts were lifted so many times by the joy of seeing horses going to happy new homes, or a tiny foal growing into a cheeky young horse after months of worry and round-the-clock attention.

We also welcomed William onto the farm, an abandoned and injured dog from Romania, and we rehomed the numerous puppies we found on the side of the road, casually discarded like unwanted refuse.

But one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives is you, dear wonderful My Lovely Horse Rescue supporter.  Without your support – financial, logistical, emotional – we would not be able to bring hope and love to the lives of so many forgotten animals.

To say thank you for all your support in the past year we made a special Christmas music video, performed by one of our founding members, Cathy Davey, to introduce some of the individuals you helped with your kindness and generosity.

We hope you enjoy. ❤️

If you wish to make a donation to help us continue and grow please follow this link.

Thanks and Credits

Special thanks to director Elijah Egan and logistics coordinator Ailish Hannon.

Performed by Cathy Davey.
Backing singer, Eoin Cullen.

Animal Cast

Horses/ponies: Carla, Luke, Derek, Iris, Doug, Rose, Dee Dee, Sparkie, Áine, Shaft, Redser, Skyler
Donkeys: Maisy, Mildred, Wayne, Peanut.

  • Pigs: Teddy, Squiglet, Winston, Mrs. Wobbles, Bruce and Bruno, Arnold, Fred, Penelope.

  • Diva goat, Mama goat, Sweetie and Nancy sheep
Dogs: Penny, Molly, Daisy, Stephen

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