Foal Rescued by MLHR Saved by ISPCA Foster Mare

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With assistance from the ISPCA, MLHR were able to find a foster mare to help a young foal rescued by My Lovely Horse Rescue.
Foal Rescued by MLHR Saved by ISPCA Foster Mare

Murt was left in a field in Tallaght only a day or two old. Gardaí authorised My Lovely Horse Rescue to move Murt to a place of safety - our farm, where volunteers took it in turns to feed Murt around the clock.

Plea for a Foster Mare

We put a plea out for a foster mare, Murt needed a real mum, he was a lost soul and broke all our hearts...we cried for little Murt. Then it happened, late Sunday night we got a call. Summer had been a great mum and her son was finally weaned.

We raced to Leitrim and brought the beautiful Summer back with us to meet baby Murt. It worked, our little orphan staggered to her side and eventually started to suckle. A miracle was made....

Thank you to ISPCA & Sabrina

Thank you so much to Sabrina and the ISPCA, we are so grateful. Thank you Summer, you are a very special lady 💕 Murt now has a future and no end of love forever.

This is why we do what we do, for treasured moments like this 💕💕💕 Please support us in any way you can, there’s so many more Murts out there

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