Kitten Abused in Kilrush, County Clare

Published: Friday, 17 August 2018 Tags: Press Release / Welfare Incident /

Update on kitten Colin who was videoed being abused this week in a house in Co. Clare. Having initially been informed that Colin was to be surrendered to My Lovely Horse Rescue to be rehomed, we were told by a Garda at Kilrush Garda Station that the kitten was to be returned to her owner's house.

Kitten Abused in Kilrush, County Clare

My Lovely Horse Rescue would like to reiterate that the owners of Colin the kitten were not involved in her abuse. The perpetrator of the abuse, and the person who broadcast it live on social media, were visitors to the owners' house in the absence of the heads of that household.

The family have expressed their shock and horror with regard to the incident and they have been keeping us up to date on Colin's wellbeing. We're happy to report that Colin is doing well. My Lovely Horse Rescue hopes that this horrific incident, and the perpetrators, will be investigated rigorously and to the full extent of the law on behalf of Colin the kitten.

My Lovely Horse Rescue do not condone any violent behaviour towards animals or humans and we strongly encourage the public to report all incidents of animal abuse to the GardaĆ­ and their local SPCA and rescues.

We hope that Colin the kitten will go on to enjoy the safe, loving and secure environment she richly deserves.

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