2015-03-08 21:14

DOB: 2013
2 Year old bay filly, Standardbred / light Sporthorse type
To make 15.1 hh (approx)

This lovely filly arrived with us on Christmas Eve 2014 with her pal, Eve, who died of tetanus from an untreated harness wound, on Christmas morning. They had been roaming the streets for a week, wounded and hungry, locals tried to keep them safe but the city is no place for strays.

She is a gorgeous gentle girl who is great to handle - we're sure she will make a wonderful riding horse when she is fully grown! She is still young so needs a few years to grow before she can go into training and be backed. Could you offer Noelle a home where she would get regular handling? Or could you offer her a permanent home as a project horse?

Noel - adopt a horse

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