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We have many beautiful cobs, standardbreds, sporthorse types, ponies, shetlands, miniatures and donkeys that we have rescued.  Looking for a riding horse or pony? A number of our horses and ponies are in training and will be looking for homes as soon as they are ready.  If you would like to offer a training home to one of our green ponies please get in touch!

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Gelding

Hercules is a 14hh (approx) blue and white cob gelding. He is good to catch, load and good with farrier and dentist. He would make a great show cob. As...

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Category:  13 - 15hh Backed Cob Experienced Rider Pony

Ashley is 14:2hh piebald cob, backed and riding.  Good to lead, shoe, box and catch.  DOB 2007.  Ashley is very good to handle, very clever and eager to learn. Riding...

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Lead Rein Pony Shetland Cross

Kate Bush is 12hh and is a very pretty pony.  She would make a lovely show pony and has been shown at the Royal Meath horse show in September 2016....

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Kate Bush

Category:  12.2hh – 13hh Connemara Cross Gelding Pony

Eamonn is a 13hh grey Connemara cross pony gelding, DOB 2013 and ready for some gentle lunging work on the ground. He will make a super little pony, very brave...

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Kerry Bog Pony Mare Pony

Laika is a 11.3hh dapple grey, Kerry Bog pony (registered and breeding recorded).  DOB 2011.  She is a very pretty and showy pony.  She is green, needs good handling and...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Gelding Pony Under 3

Bertie is a lovely 13.2hh bay gelding (he could make 14hh).  Bertie is great to lead, catch and box.  DOB 2014.  Bertie is microchipped and passported. Bertie's Background Bertie was...

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Category:  12.2hh – 13hh Cob Gelding Piebald

Pete is piebald cob gelding, approximately 12.2hh. Good to handle, lead and catch.  Pete was a youngster that came to us in poor condition, and has now made a full recovery.  DOB: 2014....

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Gelding Pony Show Pony Type

Tom Sawyer is a very cute 11h show pony type gelding.  DOB 2014.  He needs a home where can can be given more handling and lots of TLC. He is...

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Tom Sawyer

Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Cob Horse Mare Standardbred

Margie is a sweet 14.2hh, dark bay standardbred mare and is unbacked. She is good natured, good to catch, lead and groom and is great with other horses. She is ready...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Filly Pony

Doris is a red and white skewbald filly, DOB 2014. 13.1hh pony. Beautiful conformation and a great mover. Will make someone an excellent show pony or all rounder. As you...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Gelding Light Sporthorse Type Pony Unbacked

Andy is a 14hh bay gelding, DOB 2014. He is currently in a foster home and is looking for his forever home. He is well handled. Good with other horses....

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Category:  Cob Unbacked Under 3

Oisin, DOB 2014, is a happy little dark bay colt. He arrived with us as a tiny, weak, severely malnourished, freezing cold foal. He had been dumped and was far...

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Category:  Cob Filly Under 3

Jules is 12:2hh piebald cob filly (to make 14hh) when fully grown.  Good to catch, lead and box.  DOB 2015.  She is currently in foster care and ready for adoption....

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Gelding Piebald Pony

Seamus is a 2014 piebald cob gelding, to make about 14hh.  He is easy to handle and has a nice temperament.  He would make a nice child's pony/small adult.  He...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Filly Pony Standardbred

Nadyne is a 14.2hh bay standardbred filly.  She is good to lead, catch and box, good with the farrier and other horses.  DOB: 2013. Nadyne's Background Nadyne came into our...

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Category:  Cob Gelding Piebald Pony

Joshua is a 2013 piebald cob gelding, to make about 14hh.  He is easy to handle and has a nice temperament.  He would make a nice child's pony/small adult.  He is...

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Cob Gelding Under 3

Jessie James is a young 12hh piebald cob gelding, with a good temperament.  He is easy to handle, box, good with farrier etc. Great with other horses.  DOB 2014.  Passported...

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Jessie James

Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Companion Mare Pony Standardbred

June is a 13.2hh dark bay, standardbred pony. DOB 2005. She is a very kind and sweet mare. She is nervous so needs reassurance. She is good to load, good...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Companion Mare

Leyna is a 15hh standardbred chestnut filly. DOB 2011. Leyna has a good temperament.  She is good to handle, good with other horses.  Suitable as a companion horse.  Forever homes...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Piebald Pony

Ella is a 13:2hh (approx) piebald cob to make circa 14hh when fully grown. DOB: 2015 (estimated). She is very friendly. Good to catch, lead and with the farrier. Good...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Gelding Piebald Pony

Jimbo is a gorgeous 13.2hh blue and white skewbald cob gelding, DOB 2013. He is good to catch, lead and load. Good with farrier. He would make a beautiful show...

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Category:  15.3hh+ Companion Horse Mare Piebald Standardbred

Bessie is a 15.3hh piebald mare. DOB 2007. Good to handle, good with other horses. Has had photosensitivity in the past but can live out all year round while wearing...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Gelding In Training Thoroughbred Type

Charlie is a dark bay 14:3hh thoroughbred-type gelding.  DOB 2013.  Charlie is confident, very friendly, great with other horses, eager to please, very intelligent and a quick learner.  Charlie is currently...

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Companion Pony

Amy is about 2 years old and about 12hh.  Good to handle. Good with other horses. Too young to be broken.  Suitable as a companion pony. She has now grown...

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Amy (Booked)

Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Filly

Beatrice is a lovely red bay thoroughbred type filly, born 2015. She has a great temperament and is easy to handle. Beatrice is also good with both the farrier and...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Mare

Stella is a 14.2hh thoroughbred type, 2013, dark bay mare.  She is currently in a foster home.  If you are an experienced home and looking to adopt Stella, get in...

Category:  Cob Gelding Pony Shetland Strawberry Roan

Derry is a 9hh strawberry roan, Shetland cross gelding.  He has a great temperament, good to catch and lead.  He gets on great with other horses.  A very chilled pony....

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Bonnie is a thoroughbred type horse, born spring 2014. She will make approx 16hh, she is currently 15:3hh. Bonnie has a good temperament and is easy to handle. Bonnie will...

Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Connemara Type Pony Under 3

Charlotte is a very attractive Connemara type pony. Will be nice eventing type and will excel in all disciplines. She is 13:3hh now and expected to make 14hh, possibly more. ...

Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Backed Cob Type Lead Rein Pony

Annabelle is a 12hh bay cob with a striking white face. Date of Birth 2007. This girl is a dote to handle and has been a riding pony in her...

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Annabelle (Booked)

Category:  Connemara Type Gelding Pony Under 3

Milton was born in April 2015. Will make 14:2hh approx, now 13:3hh. Very attractive Connemara type pony gelding. Will be nice eventing type and will excel in all disciplines. He...

Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Gelding Pony Unbacked Under 3

Henry is 12.2hh showy dark grey Connemara cross gelding. Henry has lovely conformation and is a nice mover. He will make a fantastic little all rounder in the right hands....

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Category:  10 - 11hh Gelding Pony

Myles is a 10:2hh, chestnut, light-boned pony gelding. DOB: 2014. He is good to lead, catch and in stable. He has a lovely nature coming around really well.

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Category:  Connemara Type Pony Under 3

Orna was born on the 11th April 2015, will make 14hh approx. She is a smashing, Connemara type pony, full of personality and character. Will be nice eventing type and will...

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Category:  Cob Under 3

Kyle's Background Kyle and Elliot (piebald cobs) were born approx April 2015.  We have given them the 2nd of April as their official birthday. They came in together and stuck to...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Mare Piebald Pony

Ellie is a 13:2hh, rising 3, piebald cob mare. Ellie was surrendered into the care of My Lovely Horse Rescue. Forever homes only please.

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Connemara Cross Gelding Pony Under 3

Stevie is a well-mannered dark bay gelding DOB 2014. He will make a lovely all rounder. He has 3 nice paces and will excel in all disciplines.  He should make...

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Category:  13.1hh - 14.1hh Cob Ready For Training

Rachel is approximately 14hh. Bay mare. DOB 2010. Great temperament and good to handle. She is ready for training. We hope to start her soon but if you are looking...

Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Cob Filly Ready For Training

Carrie is approx. 14.2hh dark bay filly. DOB 2012. She is very well handled with a great temperament. She is ready for training. We hope to start her in the...

Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Gelding Pony Under 3

Ciarán is a very friendly skewbald (cremello & white) 12:3hh gelding. He is good to catch, lead, groom. He gets on well with other horses.  DOB 2014, so still young...

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Category:  12 - 13hh Cob Gelding

Pablo is a gentle, 12hh (approx) cob gelding, DOB estimated 2013.  He is currently in a fantastic temporary foster home, but needs to find a new foster home or his...

Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Gelding Pony

Pat is a very friendly and relaxed 12hh cob gelding. DOB 2014, so he is not yet ready for training yet, however he will make an amazing children's pony/show cob in...

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Category:  12.2hh – 13hh Cob Gelding

Harley came to us really unwell but with the correct care, helped by your sponsorship Harley has thrived! He is now a flashy boy and ready to be adopted! D.O.B....

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Category:  11hh - 12.1hh Cob Gelding

MLHR Joel is 2 yrs old approx, 12hh grey gelding. Good to catch and lead. Gets on well with other horses. A good boy for the farrier. He is a...