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We have many beautiful cobs, standardbreds, sporthorse types, ponies, shetlands, miniatures and donkeys that we have rescued.  Looking for a riding horse or pony? A number of our horses and ponies are in training and will be looking for homes as soon as they are ready.  If you would like to offer a training home to one of our green ponies please get in touch!

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Horse Mare Standardbred

Margie is a sweet 14.2hh, dark bay standardbred mare. D.O.B. approximately 2012. She is good natured, good to catch, lead and groom and is great with other horses. Margie is...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Filly Pony Standardbred

Nadyne is a 14.2hh bay standardbred filly.  She is good to lead, catch and box, good with the farrier and other horses.  DOB: 2013. Nadyne's Background Nadyne came into our...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Companion Mare

Leyna is a 15hh standardbred chestnut filly. DOB 2011. Leyna has a good temperament.  She is good to handle, good with other horses.  Suitable as a companion horse.  Forever homes...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Filly

Beatrice is a lovely red bay thoroughbred type filly, born 2015. She has a great temperament and is easy to handle. Beatrice is also good with both the farrier and...

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Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Mare

Stella is a 14.2hh thoroughbred type, 2013, dark bay mare. She is good to catch,lead and handle. Good with others.  Currently being lunged. Dated: 28.08.17 Cillian and Stella having great...

Category:  14.2hh - 15.2hh Skewbald

Redser is a 5 year old, 14:3hh skewbald gelding. He is good to catch, lead and with others. Experienced home desired.