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Black Jack
Black Jack Black Jack Black Jack Black Jack
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Black Jack

Blackjack. There isn't enough hours in the day for the amount of canoodling he wants to do!This amazing little man is still waiting for a family of his own can you believe!!
And if you earn his trust there's no end to the love he will give back in return. He is lovely with children, dogs, pigs and goats.
He would need an equine-experienced home due to a few issues that the right person would find easy to manage...   

His sweetitch needs minding in the summer (he has a snazzy zebra outfit for this)
He is headshy (so slow, kind hands are needed) and he's hard to catch if not handled regularly. All the more excuses to cuddle him daily :)

But look at what he's like when you spend time with him. Just absolutely fabulously lovely.  He would be happiest with one little mare to mind or a laid back gelding. We could also pair him with one of our little ones if someone was prepared to adopt 2. For the moment he is our perfect yard companion, hanging with the pigs and soaking up the love. 

DOB: 2010

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