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Meet the mischievous characters of the My Lovely Horse Rescue family.  Learn about these lovely foals and weanlings here and if you would like to contribute anything towards their care, click on their photos and find out what they need most.

Category:  Filly Miniature Cob Weanling

Marie (grey filly, miniature cob) and David (Palomino/show-type pony) were both born on the 14th May 2015.  Marie came first followed by David 10 minutes later. Marie is a sweetheart...

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Category:  Foal Video

Elsa gave birth to Emily early 2016 in the care of MLHR and since then we have had great fun watching her figuring out the world! Emily is a friendly...

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Elizabeth is a permanent resident of My Lovely Horse Rescue.

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Category:  Pony Show Pony Type

Brody came into our care during in August 2016.  He is a good healthy strong weanling. Good to handle.  When he is old enough, will then be available for foster or...

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Category:  Pony Shetland

Erin is a black female, Shetland foal.

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Category:  Clonburris Little Clondalkin

Enda's Background On the evening of 10th October 2016, we got a call from a local man who was vigilant enough to notice a young foal in Clonburris Little, Clondalkin...

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