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Possible Questions to 2020 Election Candidates

My Vote Counts
  • What is your stance on animal welfare, what can you do to help?

  • Did you vote to continue funding of the greyhound racing industry and live hare coursing?

  • Where do you stand on fox hunting? Why is this still legal in Ireland in 2020? What can you do about that?

  • Where do you stand on live exports, or worse to countries with poor or no animal welfare…cows, dogs to China etc.

  • What is your view on puppy farms and what can [local] representatives do to assist in law enforcement?

  • Where do you stand on hare coursing?

  • What is your view on fur farms and the government funding these activities
  • What can you do to ensure better enforcement of Animal Welfare Law at Marts & fairs?

  • What is your view on the €16.8M given to the greyhound industry where dogs are killed, starved, neglected, discarded or shipped off to China where they are tortured and boiled / skinned alive in the dog meat trade?

  • Why can’t the army be involved in desperate animal situations in areas where removing neglected animals can be difficult?

  • Are you aware that kind members of the public are feeding horses all over the country because no one is looking after their welfare?

  • Why is there not more regulation of sulky racing
  • Why are all people who neglect horses and other animals not banned from ever keeping animals again?

  • How can you help increase funding?

  • Have you ever visited an animal rescue? Would you go if you were invited? Have you spoken to people involved?

  • Comparing €16.8M given to the greyhound industry Vs €2.9M provided to all animal rescues in the country, does this seem fair to you? Seems more than counteractive

  • Are you aware of advertisements of animals to be transferred for free on done deal, dogs, horses, pigs etc? This should be banned as there is no check on who is taking these animals and for what use

  • Who is enforcing the law with regards to endangered species / protected species such as badgers / white tailed eagle

What We Need

  • Make it a compulsory part of Gardai training to study animal welfare law & their role as an authorised officer

  • We need designated Horse Welfare and Animal Welfare Officers with powers under the animal health and welfare act, control of horses act and related bylaws

  • We need strict control on the transfer of horse ownership

  • We need tight control on indiscriminate breeding

  • We need more prosecutions and serious punishments for those who inflict cruelty on animals

  • More resources, money, staff, education, training and facilities need to be invested in the whole area of animal welfare

  • Social media profiles where people are showing animals being abused neglected or raffled as a prize should be shut down. There needs to be tighter controls here

  • The State’s own processes need to be clear to everyone. All departments need to know who is taking care of what...this is not always apparent...e.g Guards not knowing what their role is in animal welfare, or departments passing the buck to even outside contractors. Country Councils should be taking ownership until issues are resolved. Gaps need to be identified, such as no out of hours cover and resolved!