Fostering FAQs

Horse & Pony Fostering FAQs

Why Do We Need Your Help?

As part of our rescue work at MLHR we use suitable livery yards and foster homes for our equines. We currently have over 100 equines in our care. Our foster homes provide a more economical way of housing the equines until a suitable permanent home can be found. Many of the equines we rescue have come from difficult circumstances and may need to have their trust of humans rebuilt slowly. We are looking for fosterers with the patience to work with these equines and the space to house them safely and securely.

What Do We Provide?

Transport of the equine(s) to and from your location. MLHR will cover the cost of all feed, bedding, medicine, vet bills, dental care and farrier visits associated with the MLHR equine(s) in your care. Ongoing communication with the MLHR team regarding the continued care and welfare of the equine(s). All equines will have undergone a full vet check prior to arrival at the foster home. You will be provided with a copy of the equine’s passport (to assist in vet visits).

What Do You Need to Apply?

  1. Equine Premises Number.
  2. Suitable secure stabling/shelter and paddock areas (approx. one usable grazing acre per equine).
  3. Proven equine experience. Previous experience with rescue equines is not essential.
  4. You should have suitable personal liability insurance and public liability insurance cover under your farm or equine policy.

How Does The Process Work?

If you are interested in being considered as a fosterer please fill in the application form at the top of this page.

Please remember that this is a volunteer run organisation so our response may not be immediate. One of our team will contact you to discuss the information in your application and answer any questions you may have about the process. If both parties still wish to proceed, a meeting will be arranged to view the proposed premises where the equine(s) will be housed while in your care.

There is no minimum or maximum duration for fostering. If at any time you deem you can no longer properly care for the equine, MLHR will arrange for the equine to be removed to an alternate location.

During the fostering period the MLHR welfare team will, at times agreed to with you, carry out visits to your premises in order to monitor the health and welfare of the equine(s) and provide support to you.

Ready to Apply?

Fill in our short fostering enquiry form and a member of our homing team will get back to you.

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Any information you provide in your application will remain confidential as per our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.