My Lovely Ranch @ Electric Picnic 2016

It's official!  My Lovely Ranch will be back at Trailer Park, Electric Picnic 2016 and we can't wait.  It's going to be great craic, and we will have our horses and dogs with us again, and lots of surprises. 

My Lovely Ranch 2016 Line Up


  • 5pm Brendan McGlynn
  • 6pm Paddy Hanna 
  • 7pm Strange Attractor
  • 8pm Thumper
  • 9pm Pete Pamph


  • 4pm Old Hanna
  • 5pm Joey Gavin
  • 6pm No Monster Club
  • 7pm Lelia Jane
  • 8pm Red Empire 
  • 9pm DJ 


  • 12 - 5pm - Inglot Make Up (€15)
  • 2pm - 6pm Father Ted Experience which includes the Rubbish Song final, a discho, lovely girls compeition and special tea of course!
  • 6pm Elvis
  • 7pm Pete Pamph
  • 8pm Paddy Dennehy
  • 9pm Secret Guest
  • 10pm TBC (Special Guest)

Inglot Make up at My Lovely Ranch - Electric Picnic

Meet Gramps & Rueben at the Ranch

Meet our friendliest rescued donkey and pony, Gramps and Rueben during the afternoons.

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