Report an Incident

For Urgent Cases:

Try to include exact location, a photo if possible and as much information as possible and contact the following agencies:

  1. Email or send a direct message via Facebook* 
  2. Contact your local Garda station in person if possible with a photo/location info, or if not, call them.  They are responsible for enforcing the Animal Health & Welfare Act and the Horse Control Act.
  3. Contact the Department of Agriculture Cruelty Helpline - they have paid inspectors to deal with animal welfare and can deal with issues on private land.

    Call Save: 0761 064408
    Phone: +353 1 607 2379

    The Dept of Agriculture helpline is manned over the holiday period from 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). At all other times it will divert to a recorded message and messages left will be monitored regularly.

  4. These agencies also have paid inspectors to deal with animal welfare:

    Contact the DSPCA
    +353 1 499 4700 - choosing option 1
    Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

    Rest of the Republic of Ireland
    Contact the ISPCA

  5. If the horse is on public/council land, contact your local council.  Most have a horse control department or contact their environment department.  Contact information for Dublin councils:
  6. If you are angered by the situation, make sure to contact your local TD/county councillor to let them know.

*We are a team of volunteers, all with our own day jobs, so we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

What To Do If a Horse Has No Water/Food:

  • If the horse has no water  - find a basin and fill it with water and keep it topped up.  
  • If the horse has no green grass to eat - buy good quality hay online (e.g. Done Deal or go to the The Corn Store in Ballyfermot and buy some.
  • Do not give a horse feed/bread/potatoes, as they may have dietary problems.
  • Good quality hay is the safest food to give a horse.
  • Always be careful around horses, as they can be dangerous if scared or spooked.