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Silver Molly


** ADOPTED ** Silver Molly is a 16.3 hh half Clydesdale grey mare has been in light work and would suit someone who wanted to do riding club level riding / competing. She's happy to pop over a jump and would easily go round a cross country course or go drag hunting. She is bombproof on roads and likes to hack out in company preferably. She is good to catch, clip, shoe and with the dentist, so basically perfect in every way! In the right hands we can see this mare going a lot further.  

Suitable for: Hacking, schooling, jumping at riding club level, drag hunting

Silver Molly's Story

It was Mother's Day. A Sunday. Oisin and I went to a place out past Kilternan to catch Silver Molly. It was a winding, rutted path leading to the field where she was, and we were thrown around in the front cab of the pickup we had borrowed to pull the box.

She'd been out in that field for about two years. Her owner hadn't been able to catch her, get a head collar on her, do her teeth, her hooves. She's a half Clydesdale. 16'3. Green Passport. She'd had 4 foals, she is fourteen years old. When we first saw her, mucky and lacking condition, we were both impressed by her handsomeness. A bit hollow through the quarters and a bit wormy-looking in the belly, but with a proud, strong head; an honest face. A flea-bitten grey, heavy and perfectly proportioned. A well-bred mare. But for all her breeding and her honesty, she did not want to be caught! She hid behind the others, she cantered away when we got close. The moment she heard the clink of head collar, she turned the quarters to us. We didn't know this horse, didn't know what she was capable of, had to be careful.

After about 2 hours of feeding her from a bucket, getting head-butted by her field-mates, patting her, talking and singing to her, I shouted over at Oisin 'C'mon, let's load this mare, I've Mothers Day Wine to be drinking!' And with that we re-doubled our efforts. At the sight of the head collar she would throw her great head high, almost a rear - quite scary in a horse that size. She did not want anyone touching her head, her face, going near her mouth. And then, like magic, Oisin slipped the head collar on her and was walking towards the box, talking to her all the way. It did get hairy at one point when she tried to take off. 'Oisin!! Hold her!' Stating the obvious. Feeling useless. Then I picked up my pink schooling whip and gently guided her in to the box. She walked in like an angel. And off to Richie in Birr for training.

It very quickly became apparent that her teeth, and her entire mouth in fact, were in a very poor state, hence she couldn't eat properly, and her extreme head-shyness. After her teeth were done and she was wormed her quarters started to fill out because she could absorb the nutrients in her food properly. As Richie worked with her she became glossy and muscled. A beautiful mare. A well-bred mare.

Silver Molly Silver Molly Silver Molly Silver Molly Silver Molly Silver Molly Silver Molly

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