Princess Áine
Princess Áine
Princess Áine
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Princess Áine

Thank you to everyone who helped out emergency appeal to cover Áine's operation to mend her broken leg! You can still contribute towards ongoing care costs by visiting this link or choosing a donation below. 

Little 14 year old Áine was hit by a car in a housing estate. After a few days of roaming with a very obvious injury concerned locals contacted us. We are so grateful they did.
Because of this page we were able to make contact with the owner who had been searching but hadn't been able to find her. On discovering the seriousness of her injury we all decided the best thing for the pony was for her to be signed over to us so we could give her the veterinary care she deserved and needed.
Our amazing team of vets confirmed tiny Áine had a broken leg, they were very optimistic that an operation would be successful. We were so happy that little Áine would get a chance considering the number of horses we have had to euthanise for similar injuries.

This operation, as successful as it has been, is costing us approx €3,000.

Now you may be shouting "that money could be put to better use!" But think of what she symbolises, and the message we are clearly putting out there for all to see. IF WE CAN, WE WILL! This is our mission. Every animal deserves the best care we and our vets can provide, and that means being part of the solution. Being part of communities and working towards making city environments a safer place. Not being the enemy. We can do this as long as you guys keep donating and helping and sharing. As long as we can keep showing Ireland that we are here to advise, provide gelding days to reduce breeding, support urban horse projects so kids can learn how to be caring and responsible, help rehome the unwanted, educate, lobby for better legislation and feed the abandoned. We need your support so we can continue to work after hours and weekends and bank holidays. You are part of this.
Sometimes one pony costs a lot, but it's important for us to be here doing what we do.
Please please show us you feel the same way and please donate towards Aine's operation so we can keep providing emergency care AS WELL as looking after the many animals in our care. Xx

Images below:
1. Aine in obvious trouble when we first saw her.
2. Being x-Rayed
3. X-Ray of Aine's leg
4. Coming home from UCD after her successful operation!!

Contribute Towards Care

If you would like to contribute towards the care of any of our animals, you can make a donation below. Thank you.