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Bono came to us in a whirlwind of rage. The tiniest stallion we've ever met, and one HUGE character. Although this boy had no social skills or manners, would rear, bite, lash out and kick anyone in his way, we knew he would come around with time and patience.

After gelding him we allowed him to vent his frustration on giant teddy bears, food toys and boredom busters. It's been a long road but Bono now finally can enjoy his days out in the field with his friend, Elsa, without feeling the need to attack other horses or humans. He also thrives on routine and loves coming in to his stable at night where he feels secure.

Update 26th October 2015

He came in with all sorts of issues which we are working through, he's now happy to get scratched and comes to you for affection as long as you know how to not get bitten! He doesn't do well out at night so he is used to his routine of being out with a female pal during the day and in for dinner.

Bono Bono

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