Emaciated Carriage Horse Seized by Gardaí & Now in Foster Care - Legal Case Pending

Following MONTHS of complaints by locals to the authorities (Dublin City Council, Gardai, Dept of Ag etc), this emaciated carriage horse was finally seized in Temple Bar, Dublin, recently by Gardai from Pearse St, and the horse pound.

On seeing the photos taken by the public, Gardai decided that it was time to act and quickly dispatched 3 officers to stand by the horse. They waited over an hour with the horse until the Council’s Horse Pound contractor arrived along with extra Gardai, unhitched the carriage and led the horse calmly into the horse box. Onlookers were so CONCERNED about the condition of the horse, they APPLAUDED when the horse was unhitched and brought to the horsebox.

MLHR would like to thank the all the Gardai involved at Pearse St station for their actions last night.  This case is currently being investigated by Pearse St Garda station.


If you are concerned about the welfare of any horse, or carriage horse, it is very important to get photos/video and drop into the local garda station and report it.  There are laws in place that the gardai can enforce (see below).

Sean was released from the pound recently and into our care (under the control of Dublin City Council while legal case pending). He is now in foster care.

We have named him Seán - after one of the Gardaí involved in taking swift action. Gardaí at Pearse Street are continuing their investigation and preparations for a legal case. Comments that could affect the upcoming case the Gardaí are preparing, will be deleted.

As you can see, he has gained some weight, and is getting better every day - but he is not there yet. He is receiving the best veterinary care, food (he has some appetite!) and TLC in order to restore him to full and proper health, the way he should have been.

We want people to know with persistence, photo/video evidence and physically GOING INTO a Garda station and explaining what you have seen, that action CAN happen. The laws exist.
Many Gardaí simply aren’t aware of their powers under the various pieces of legislation (see below), but this is changing, and we can’t thank Pearse Street Garda station enough for enforcing the law and taking action!

Seán will not be available for homing until the pending legal case is complete, and until he is in full health and gelded.

Carriage Horse Laws & Bye Laws

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any carriage horses, here is the relevant legislation:

Specific Dublin Carriage Horse Legislation:

Animal Health & Welfare Act…/2013/act/15/enacted/en/html

Control of Horses Act…/1996/act/37/enacted/en/html

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