Gerry is a 12hh cob gelding.  He is good with other horses and ready for foster or adoption.  DOB 2015.

As a result of the continued generous sponsorship from the public, Gerry is continuing to thrive and his wounds have healed extremely well.  Thank you.

Gerry's Background

In April 2016, we got a message from a member of the public about a horse, with an embedded head collar.  We tried to catch him that evening, no luck.  He was running wild in a field in Clondalkin, of over 100 acres, with many other horses.  

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That week, we arranged more volunteers to go into the field and try to corral the horses.  We couldn't catch him.  We contacted many organisations for help.  The one person who got back to us was Gerry Creighton, from Dublin Zoo.  So with Gerry with his tranquilliser gun, a vet, and a team of volunteers, we tried to corral and tranquilise the horse - which is normally done with 2 darts.  We tried this on 3 separate occasions, and were unsuccessful.  The pony simply kept on running.

Over the next few days, volunteers went into the field daily to try to get to know the ponies and leaving carrots and treats, to help calm the herd down.  On our 4th attempt, on May 26th, we finally had a calmer herd.  Vet, tranquilizer gun and a team on volunteers, all in place.

After 4 hours and 4 darts, we finally got Gerry sedated and a head collar on him so we could lead him out of the field and straight to our rescue centre, with a vet ready.

His poor head stank and had a live maggot infestation.  The vet removed the old embedded head collar and treated the wound.  Gerry is expected to make a full recovery with lots of veterinary care, and care from our volunteers.

We would like to thank Gerry Creighton from Dublin Zoo - we couldn't have done this without you and have named this lovely little piebald cob after his hero.

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