We received a call one rainy night about a loose horse running blind on a main road in Dublin. After searching the area we saw that some kind people had closed the gates to their front garden when this poorly boy hobbled in for a munch of grass. On assessment we could see this boy was in a lot of pain in his hind quarters and needed to rest ASAP.

As is usually the case, this yearling had a badly cut mouth from either rope or a severe bit couple with sore, hot joints proving to us that he was being severely worked by people who didn't care that he was an underdeveloped baby. With the help of our mascot, Charles, Robin soon healed and strengthened up. He is now a gentle, care free cob who will make a fantastic pony friend for some lucky person. He is rising 2 and 13.1hh.

DOB: 2012
13.1 hh (approx) piebald cob gelding
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Robin Robin

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