** Warning: Distressing Images **

Meet Skyler, he was one of the ponies from a call we attended in Glencree, Co. Wicklow, 28th January 2016. 

We got a call late last night about two ponies that had been dumped in Glencree.
When we arrived with a vet this morning one could barely walk, you can see in the disturbing photo that this poor pony was in desperate pain. Vet advised to put to sleep, the pain and weakness was too much for the poor lad, he’d been left too long like this and the infection had gone too far.

His poor friend had to be put to sleep.

Skyler has made it, he has a way to go yet but there's fight in this beauty. He will never experience the trauma and heartache he's obviously been through ever again.
Only one eye god love him...a special gentle pony.

Thank you to Mandy for taking amazing care of him, we appreciate your help so much.  If you would like to contribute towards Skyler's care, please consider a donation.  Thank you.

Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler Skyler

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