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Young Mare Found Collapsed in a Stream at Bluebell, Grand Canal

This is Áine. Áine died on Saturday night, 18th of May. She was just 18 months old.

At 8pm, 18 May 2018, we received a call about this young distressed and exhausted filly who was trapped in a ditch full of water, beside the Grand Canal at Bluebell, Dublin 12.

Our volunteers dropped everything and went to help.  Gardaí from Kilmainham were contacted and sent a Garda car from Kevin Street station.  Dublin Fire Brigade personnel helped. Locals helped. MLHR contacted a vet and they were en route.

During the incident, some local teenagers appeared, one claimed to own her but only a couple of these boys helped us and showed true compassion, the others sneered and threw abuse at MLHR for what we do....so disheartening.

Poor Áine was too weak. Too weak - too skinny - too tired. We saw shoes on her little feet - at 18 months! She was just worn out. Her life as it was had broken this girl.

A vet arrived and gently put her to sleep. We all stood in silence.
Sometimes there are no words.

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Dear ?

It has come to my/our attention over the last few years that there are many forgotten, abandoned, neglected equines slowly starving to death in fields owned by local authorities and private individuals throughout your Constituency. 

I/We have pursued the available animal welfare channels for reporting the neglect of these horses - to the local authority, to the DAFM, and to the Gardai. Despite this, it seems that the only mechanism that is in place to deal with this problem is impounding by the Horse Pound - private contractors who are paid through taxpayers. No one hears about the cruelty that is being dealt with unless rescue organisations speak out.

There appears to be no attempt by local authorities or Gardai or DAFM to enforce the laws of this land (Animal Welfare Act, Control of Horses Act, etc), whereby the ‘owners’ of these horses are legally responsible for their horses. The animals are simply seized, killed, and the 'owners' left free to re-offend.

Please advise us what steps you plan to take to put resources in place to prevent this unnecessary cruelty, and provide an alternative to impounding and killing animals in order to to remove the 'visuals' from the public eye.

Law and legislation has to be enforced. 


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